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                      Excellent Young Scholars

                      Qualifications for the Position:

                      Scholars with a PhDwho have published high-level academic papersin the influential academic journals in the field; Outstanding young scholars at home and abroad who have the potential to get awards of projects such as Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Longjiang Scholars and Provincial Outstanding Young and Middle-aged experts, etc.; Generally under 35 years old, especially outstanding ones can be relaxed.

                      Remuneration: Appointment as professor or associate professor; House purchase subsidies are from RMB 150, 000 to RMB 300, 000; Start-up funds for scientific research in natural science and acquisition expenses of equipment range from RMB 300, 000 to RMB 1, 000, 000; Start-up funds for scientific research in humanities and social science range from RMB 100, 000 to RMB 300, 000;Implementation of the national wage and school allowance standard and additional post subsidy RMB 1000 per month in the first 2year during the first employment period.

                      Contact information:

                      On the home page of school website, click on the “employment” into the employment system, check the open recruitment information, and submit your resume.

                      Person to contactNi Songyuan, Chen lijun

                      Contact number0451-82191327/2089

                      Mailing addressNo.26, Hexing road, Xiangfang district, Harbin city, Heilongjiang province

                      Postal code150040

                      Fax number0451-82191815


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